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Vinod Isaac - Masihi Sandesh, Christian Messages

Masihi Sandesh - Christian Messages

Vinod Isaac

A Biography

New Life in Christ Jesus

I was born and brought up in a Christian Family. My parents were very pious. They used to go to Church every Sunday. They read the Bible every day. They brought me up in very strict traditional discipline. But I did not see anything more special in our family than in anyone else's. We had everything the same as others had. We had money and status, but lacked peace all the way. I was just following a religion because it was my tradition, and was living a dual life. I too was very pious in my church; yet on the other hand I wanted to be very pleasing to my friends, so I did whatever they wanted me to do. Slowly I found that my life was becoming more and more miserable, until there came a time when I was lonely, desolate, and peaceless.

I had money, status, fame, intelligence (I was admired by fellow students as a very brilliant person), yet there came a time when I thought that I might commit suicide, but could not take that step due to fear. A peculiar fear was gripping my soul: while I was sleeping, I would suddenly wake up and think that a train was going over my head. While I was on the road I would suddenly be thinking that some vehicle was going to come and crash into me. I did not know why this fear was gripping me.

My life was going from worse to worst, and it looked like there was no solution to it. But one day I was forced to attend a Christian Leadership Camp that was being conducted by Campus Crusade for Christ of India. I went there unwillingly. There, a person by the name of Eppan was speaking, and he said that fear and peacelessness come because of sins, and that Jesus can change your life and can take you out of fear. It seemed like he was speaking directly to me, but I said to myself that I was a Christian from my childhood and knew Jesus, loved Jesus. I went to church, though I did not see anything special...so what else did I need to do? Then I heard the speaker saying that if you confess your sins to the Lord Jesus Christ and ask forgiveness, then He will forgive you and forget about your sins. He will make you holy. I prayed to the Lord that He might forgive me and make me whole.

From that moment my life began to change and within a short period of time I noticed that my attitudes and desires were changing toward holiness. I received joy, peace and an unspeakable happiness. My old habits were no longer there. My fear was gone. My life became glorious, as I experienced tremendous change.

And as it is written in 2 Cor 5:17 "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new." He made me new. He can change your life too. He can make you whole too. He can help you out of your desperation too, if you give Jesus a try. He will do what no other person can do in your life.


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